Operating surface Platinum Group Minerals (‘PGM’) and Gold mine with a sustainability focus. Recent Definitive Feasibility Study provides for capacity expansion and unit cost reductions. Plans in place to reduce Carbon per ounce PGM with a long-term goal of world’s cleanest PGM ounces.

Project Highlights


Start up in 2018 (industrial scale) – license to 2040

Simple, modular nature of processing makes expansion straightforward

DFS approved in 2021 and production expansion underway


Reserves & Resources

4,477 Kg PGM in Russian B,C1,C2 categories (may, based on operational data, finally contain 6,402kg PGM)

Tipil license (24.5km²) as further resources beyond current Life of Mine.

Total P1 district potential of 21.6 tons.


Lower environmental impact. Soft rock mining operations are rehabilitated immediately after mining.

Tailings are ‘clean’ - a mix of clay, sand and gravel with PGMs removed throughout the process

Water is a key resource in soft rock mining and is managed carefully (in circulation)

Limited power needs: diesel powered generators used; installation of electricity lines expected to reduce CO2 output and cost

Sustainable mining

Flexible and modular technology which can be rapidly deployed or moved to subsequent mining sites
Reduced environmental footprint compared to conventional mining methods, and smaller long-term environmental footprint – no blasting on site and no chemicals used in the production process.
Shallow open pitting remediated immediately with recovery within 5 to 10 years and with no remnant pit or tailing dumps. Allows the current owner to make provisions for remediation on realistic time scales, as opposed to larger scale operations with remediation at the end of a 20+ year Life of Mine and possible changes in management and ownership through Life of Mine.
Moderate capital requirements and annual start-up costs.
Potential for Switch on – Switch off mining depending on market conditions.
Integrating more readily with the local environment and community


  • Limited use of reinforced concrete and asphalt around the mine site

  • Mine buildings built mostly of timber milled on site

  • Open pits remediated when ‘mined out’ with recovery within 5 to 10 years. Responsibility is with current owner and current management team

  • Modern machinery and renewable electricity where possible
At the West Kytlim mine, free digging river sediments are trucked to a washplant where material is washed and separated by clast size.
Heavier platinum and gold bearing nuggets are collected on a sluice to form a black sand concentrate which is upgraded in an onsite laboratory to saleable product.

Alluvial mining is a low cost, environmentally friendly and capital efficient mining solution,

History of Urals alluvial platinum mining.

Alluvial Platinum was first discovered in the Ural Mountains in 1824, since then the region has yielded in excess of 500 tonnes of platinum mined from a number of placer fields, the largest of which is estimated to have produced more than 240 tonnes. The fields comprise natural, gravity-driven economic concentrations of platinum and very minor gold formed in stream and river sediments eroded and drained from platinum bearing ultramafic complexes.

Placers of this type are attractive development targets owing to their often high concentrations of platinum and PGM and relatively low-tech and low cost mining and processing requirements.

Project timeline to date


Extensive exploration with Anglo American

First drilling results at West Kytlim


Feasibility Study completed

Production license received


Production permitting


Initial production begins at pilot scale


Start of production at industrial scale at West Kytlim post completion of washplant at Malaya Sosnovka


9koz 2018-2019 production milestone at West Kytlim


Switch from contractor mining to 100% owner mining

DFS for a larger area to increase production has been completed


DFS and reserves approved by the State Committee on Reserves

Detailed Design (Technical Project) completed for concurrent mining of several open pit mines to increase production and eliminate single asset risk