Nittis-Kumuzhya-Travyanaya (‘NKT’) deposit - Development


Tier-1 scale deposit with JORC MRE containing; 305Kt Nickel, 143Kt Copper, and 57 tons PGM and Gold (11.2Moz of Platinum equivalent) estimated by Wardell Armstrong International as JORC-compliant resources for an open pit and underground mining operation, with nickel comprising half of the value in the metal basket on a Net Smelter Royalty basis.  Significant drilling campaigns (total of 75.6km) focussed on base metals exploration were undertaken by predecessors Norilsk and Rosgeo, however, owing to lower metal prices PGM mineralisation was not consistently measured.

Eurasia’s West Nittis deposit occurs at the south-west slope of the Nittis hill, and the NKT deposit (see mapping on pages to the right). The current development program is based on extension of West Nittis type mineralisation throughout the NKT massif with treatment at the Moncetundra deposit plant. A full independent technical review, mine plan and mineral resource estimate was undertaken by WAI during 2021 and is available here.

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