The Company proposes to adopt revised articles of association ("Revised Articles"). Changes to the Company’s Articles of Association are proposed as special resolution number 7 at the 2021 AGM. While there is no current intention to do so, the Revised Articles provide that the Company may hold (1) ‘hybrid’ general meetings in such a way that enables members to attend and participate in the business of the meeting by attending a physical location or by attending by means of an electronic facility or facilities and (2) general meetings wholly by electronic means.

These changes will make it easier for members to attend and participate in future general meetings and will facilitate better engagement. The Revised Articles include a number of consequential changes to enable such meetings and a minor 'tidying up' exercise. The Company’s current Articles of Association (Eurasia-Articles_Adopted-2010.pdf) and a Comparison document (Articles – proposed amendments.pdf) showing where changes have been made are available below. The new articles, if adopted, will be made available after the AGM.