Circulars & Notices

Circulars & Notices

Queeld Ventures Limited and Mispare Limited (respectively “Queeld” and “Mispare”) are registered shareholders in Eurasia Mining PLC (“Eurasia”). In or about July 2018, Queeld and Mispare applied to Eurasia for the issue of replacement share certificates in respect of their respective shareholdings.

This matter has, since December 2021, been the subject of proceedings in the High Court of England and Wales (Claim No. BL–2021–002213). The proceedings have now been stayed by consent between the parties.

By consent between the parties, an Order has been made in the proceedings. In accordance with the Schedule to that Order, replacement share certificates will be issued to be held by solicitors acting for Queeld and Mispare, to be held by those solicitors until 5 March 2024, at which point the share certificates will be released to Queeld and Mispare.

If you wish to assert that you have any claim to, or interest in, those shares, by reason of which such replacement certificates should not be released to Queeld and Mispare, you should inform the solicitors acting for Queeld and Mispare, and the solicitors acting for Eurasia, in writing, not later than 4 March 2024, indicating the nature of that claim or interest. For the avoidance of doubt, such notification will not be treated as service of proceedings for the purposes of the Civil Procedure Rules, and the contact details provided below do not constitute an agreement by Queeld, Mispare or Eurasia to accept service of proceedings by fax or by email for the purposes of the Civil Procedure Rules.


Relevant contact details are as follows:

Solicitors for Queeld and Mispare:

Solicitors for Eurasia Mining PLC:

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