Eurasia is focused on developing platinum, palladium and gold deposits capable of delivering value to its shareholders.

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corporate responsibility

Health and Safety

Eurasia Mining PLC recognises that its exploration work carries with it an inherent level of risk of injury to its employees and contractors and is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all persons on its licensed areas. This is achieved by;

  • Ensuring a consistent management structure is in place to lead junior and less experienced staff in the field
  • Provision of appropriate PPE
  • Hiring experienced contractors and machine operators who have a proven track record in operating in the sometimes harsh conditions of more remote parts of the Russian Federation
  • Ensuring that field campaigns are run in an efficient manner but never at the expense of best practice health and safety standards.

Our people

The majority of Eurasia Mining PLC staff are Russian nationals and are recruited through our offices in Yekaterinburg and Monchegorsk. Contractors we employ are likewise recruited locally from a ready supply of qualified technical personnel with experience operating in the Russian Federation.

Prior to the commencement of a work programme we endeavour to engage local people and consider their requirements with respect for the area in which they live.


Eurasia is committed to conforming to the standards and regulations governing mineral exploration in the countries in which it operates. Every effort is made to limit the impact of our operations on the environment by controlling waste disposal, preventing pollution and by being efficient in terms of energy usage. Our environmental policies will be advanced appropriately as the scale and nature of our operations changes.

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